FRITT is an Open Access journal publishing service established for the use of researchers and students associated with the University of Oslo. The service is delivered by the University Library.
Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia (ACTA) is published by the Norwegian Institute in Rome in association with Scienze e Lettere , Rome. ACTA publishes articles relevant to Mediterranean archaeology and art history within the broader interdisciplinary mission statement of the Institute. ACTA is an international, open access journal that simultaneosly publishes a paper and an electronic version.
Babylon is the leading journal in the Nordic countries, of research on the contemporary Middle East.
CLARA is an open access journal hosted by the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo and administered by an international Editorial Board . The main objective is to annually publish papers of a high academic quality within the field of Classical Art and Archaeology and to make them accessible to a wide scholarly public.
Dialogía publishes research on dialogic thinking. Published by the Instituto Mijail Bajtín (Universidad Nacional de San Cristóbal de Huamanga, Perú) and ILOS (UiO, Norway).
The  Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies  (JAIS) is the world's most widely read journal in the field of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. - The Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (JEB) is an international, peer reviewed, fast publication, platinum open access journal. Original research papers, review articles and educational material within all aspects of electrical bioimpedance are published. JEB is totally non-commercial and there is no publication fee.
An interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of extreme subjects, practices and theories, critically exploring the notion of the extreme within contemporary cultural, political and economic environments, conceiving of anthropology in the broad sense as the study of human, and thus open to contributions across social sciences, humanities and philosophy. What constitutes the 'extreme' in extreme times, when consensus on what is moral and immoral, good and evil, right and wrong, appears to have eroded? Can we think extremes in order to escape, resist and subvert them? 'I remembered Machiavelli, whose rule of Method, rarely stated but always practiced, was that one must think in extremes, which means within a position from which one states borderline theses, or, to make the thought possible, one occupies the place of the impossible' Louis Althusser  
The Journal of the Philosophy of Games (JPG) explores philosophical questions raised by the study of games. JPG is an open-access publication hosted by the University of Oslo, Norway.   »more  
MVM: Journal of Studies Manuel Vázquez Montalbán is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal for the Association for Studies Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.
Memoria y Narración. Academic journal on the conflictive past of contemporary societies and cultures" (MyN) is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal related to the Research and Education Network "Memoria y Narración
The journal is dedicated to covering all branches of linguistics in the Nordic (North Germanic) languages, Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish. It has a strong empirical focus, with maps of isoglosses being a central ingredient. The journal aims to be descriptive, empirical, and scientifically sound, and to present new results. The editors encourage submission of research articles focussing on dialect features, isoglosses and maps. One volume is published per calendar year, and each volume contains one issue. The articles are peer-reviewed. Authors are encouraged to use the Nordic Dialect Corpus and the Nordic Syntax Database as (part of) their empirical basis.
The Nordic Journal of Health Economics publishes empirical and theoretical....
NorDiNa is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal. Original research papers and review articles within all aspects of science education are published. Indexed in: coming soon
The journal Nordic Museology  is a forum for critical scholarly discussion of museum and heritage subjects in the Nordic countries. The thrice-yearly peer-reviewed journal focuses on issues and themes currently in the spotlight in the fields of museology, art, natural and cultural heritage, with contributions from many different professions and different bodies – thus providing a broad spectrum of approaches and insights.
Oslo Studies in Language (OSLa) is a peer-reviewed open access series in linguistics...
Primitive Tider is a Norwegian, peer reviewed archaeological journal which is published once each year. Contributions are accepted in the Scandinavian languages as well as in English.   SPECIAL TOPIC Primitive tider 21 (2019): Movement Migration and movement have recently achieved such significance in social sciences that it has given rise to the concept of a «mobility turn». The topic is partly inspired by issues relating to current migrations. In archaeology this is paired with new developments in methods that provide better insight into the specific movements of past individuals and objects. Accordingly, “movement” has gained new momentum in archaeology. Various types of migrations are important and reoccurring aspects of both everyday life and the historical development in all parts of the world through all time periods, whether these movements are voluntary or forced by outside conditions. On a purely practical level, almost any everyday task involves movements of people, animals, and things in built space and landscapes. In archaeology this has often been studied through the distribution patterns and the contextual variation of different objects. “Movement” does not, however, only refer to migration and relocation but to a multitude of aspects of the human condition. The concept of movement may illuminate more theoretical discussions about how humans constitute their life world, as well as how today’s legal or illegal distribution of objects create or destroy cultural heritage. The next issue of Primitive tider (2019) will have a special topic section devoted to “Bevegelse” (“Movement”). We hereby invite all interested authors to submit contributions relating to this theme. We also welcome articles about other archaeological topics, as well as debate essays and short reports of field results (the latter undergo editorial assessment but no peer review). Deadline for contributions is March 15 2019.  
A journal on Religious Education and other topics in the nexus of Pedagogy, Religion and Theology.
Sakprosa is a academic online journal on nordic factual prose.
Suicidologi is the only scientific journal on suicide research and prevention in the Nordic region, with subscribers and writers working in research, clinical practice and prevention. Current issue Author guidelines
The Journal of Media Innovations is an open access journal that explores changes in media technologies, media policies, organizational structures, media management, media production, journalism, media services, and usages. The Journal of Media Innovations consists of  academic articles , research briefs , and book reviews. ISSN: 1894-5562 Previous volumes and issues As of May 28 2019, the journal does not accept new submissions . This is due to a temporary lack of resources and personnel. Manuscripts in review-process will of course be handled, and new articles and issues will be published. Any new submissions will be declined.  Online first Rocking the Boat: Proposing a Participatory Business Model for News Lene Pettersen, Arne H. Krumsvik

Student journals

Gjør dette hjemme is a journal for children and youths with a wish to carry out their own research at home