Pløyelagsfunn i skjæringspunktet mellom forskningspotensial og forvaltningsprioriteringer: Fokus og holdninger i diskusjonen om privat metallsøking i Norge

  • Caroline Fredriksen


During the last decade, hobbyist metal detecting has increased in Norway, and causes both issues and opportunities for archaeological research and heritage management. Metal objects found in the plough-zone present important issues for both archaeological research and heritage management. In this paper, I review recent papers discussing hobbyist metal detecting in Norway. The main objective is to identify regulations, focuses and attitudes regarding hobbyist metal detecting, and to define the most important issues brought up by the discussants. Discussants seem to either emphasise protection of plough-zone finds, or problematise the relation between hobbyist metal detecting and protection of automatically protected sites. I suggest discussants should focus on a larger topic – the purpose of in situ protection of invisible sites in the plough-zone.