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Exploring Biographies. Ancient Egyptian Funerary Statuettes at the Museum of Cultural History (MCH), University of Oslo


CLARA is delighted to publish Professor emerita Saphinaz-Amal Naquib's new article 'Exploring Biographies. Ancient Egyptian Funerary Statuettes at the Museum of Cultural History (MCH), University of Oslo'

Small funerary statuettes shaped as mummiform figurines are among the most common ancient Egyptian artefacts to be found in museums of cultural history worldwide. The MCH is no exception. The present article explores the biographies of material culture, materiality, objectification and shifts in meaning. It probes the many ways small artefacts, often categorized as ‘minor art objects’ of no importance, provide us with valuable insights into ancient Egyptian beliefs, society and culture. Selecting a few pieces from different periods, it delves into the multi-layered narratives and intersecting storylines where the objects’ biographies are tied to a web of relations across time and space as well as to the history of the ancient Egyptian collection at the MCH. The article discusses questions related to museological and heritage management, and addresses ethical issues concerning the provenance and ownership of archaeological artefacts in museums.

Posted: 2018-03-15
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Vol 3 (2018)

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CLARA Classical Art and Archaeology Vol. 3

Cover Image: Female funerary bust from Palmyra. From the Ustinow Collection. Oslo, Museum of Cultural History, inv. C42238. Photo: Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty, Museum of Cultural History © 

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