Vol. 17 (2017) Edited by Lutz Edzard & Stephan Guth

Table of Contents


Post-Biblical Jewish Sources in al-Maqrīzī’s Historiography - Whence His Knowledge? PDF
Haggai Mazuz 1-13
An Analysis of Muḥammad ibn ʿAlī al-Tahānawī’s Approach in "Kashshāf iṣṭilāḥāt al-funūn" – The entry of "huwiyya" PDF
Ismail Lala 14-34
Subversive Writing: Mona Prince’s ‘Laughing Revolution’ from pre- to post-2011 Egypt PDF
Patrizia Zanelli 35-52
Some Verses by Ḥassān b. Ṯābit al-Anṣārī Not Included in His "Dīwān" PDF
Daniele Mascitelli 53-63

Arab-Sicilian and Andalusian Grammarians

THEMED SECTION - (a-e, complete): Arab-Sicilian and Andalusian Grammarians PDF
Mirella Cassarino (ed.), Antonella Ghersestti (ed.) 65-135
(a) Which differences? Notes for a project on Sicilian and Andalusian grammarians PDF
Mirella Cassarino, Antonella Ghersetti 67-78
(b) Ibn al-Qaṭṭāʿ et la métrique arabe en Sicile entre le XIe et le XIIe siecle PDF
Oriana Capezio 79-96
(c) Originality of the Semantic Approach in Arabic linguistic Thought, with Particular Reference to Ibn al-Qaṭṭāʿ’s Work PDF
Francesco Grande 97-113
(d) The "Maǧmūʿa min šiʿr al-Mutanabbī wa-ġawāmiḍihi" by Ibn al-Qaṭṭāʿ al-Ṣiqillī: A Morphological and Lexical Analysis PDF
Cristina La Rosa 114-135

Islamic Law and Minorities

THEMED SECTION - (a-l, complete): Islamic Law and Minorities PDF
Carlo De Angelo (ed.), Serena Tolino (ed.) 137-309
(a) Obituary - In memory of Prof. Agostino Cilardo PDF
Carlo De Angelo, Serena Tolino 141-142
(b) Introduction - Minorities as Subjects and Minorities as Producers of Islamic Law: Past and Present PDF
Carlo De Angelo, Serena Tolino 143-155
(c) Non-Muslim Minorities in a "Wasaṭī" Perspective PDF
Paola Pizzo 156-170
(d) "Fiqh al-aqalliyyāt" in Israel: "Wasaṭiyya" and the Use of the Past by Muslim Judges PDF
Nijmi Edres 171-186
(e) Embattled Minority In-Between Minorities: An Analysis of British and German Salafi Anti-Jihadi Campaigns PDF
Uriya Shavit 187-203
(f) Muslim Emigration to the West: The Jurisprudence of the Saudi Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Fatwas PDF
Carlo De Angelo 204-222
(g) Transgenderism, Transsexuality and SexReassignment Surgery in Contemporary Sunni Fatwas PDF
Serena Tolino 223-246
(h) Sexual Rights and their Discontents: Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī on Homosexuality and the ‘Islamic Family’ PDF
Bettina Dennerlein 247-267
(i) Ritual Ablution and Cultic Purity in an Ismaili Context: The Siǧistānian View PDF
Antonella Straface 268-279
(j) Alms and the Man: Fiscal Sectarianism in the Legal Statements of the Shiʿi Imams PDF
Edmund Hayes 280-298
(k) A Dispute between Ḥanafis and Twelvers about Mutʿa (First Half of 2nd c. AH) PDF
Agostino Cilardo 299-309

Approaches to the Etymology of Arabic

THEMED SECTION (a-h, complete): Approaches to the Etymology of Arabic PDF
Stephan Guth (ed.) 311-453
(a) Introduction PDF
Stephan Guth 313-321
(b) On Some Arabic Roots and Their Etymological Relevance PDF
Zeus Wellnhofer 322-331
(c) The "ism" in the Arabic Grammatical Tradition: Reflections on Its Origin and Meanings PDF
Simona Olivieri 332-344
(d) Biradicalist Mimophonic Triradicalism: Sounds, root nuclei and root complements in M. Ḥ. Ḥ. Gabal’s ‘etymological’ dictionary of Arabic (2012) PDF
Stephan Guth 345-376
(e) Éclats de roche : Une étude d’étymologie sur les noms de la pierre en latin, grec et arabe PDF
Jean-Claude Rolland 377-406
(f) Notes on the Emergence of New Semitic Roots in the Light of Compounding PDF
Lutz Edzard 407-414
(g) The Arabic Lexicographer Ibn Sīdah and the Notion of Semantic Field PDF
Francesco Grande 415-433
(h) Etymology and Polysemy: A Non-Objectivist Approach to the Domain of Vision in the Semitic Languages PDF
Gizem Işık 434-453

Arrays of Egyptian and Tunisian Everyday Worlds

THEMED SECTION (a-k, complete): Arrays of Egyptian and Tunisian Everyday Worlds: An Update on the project "In 2016—How it felt to live in the Arab World five years after the 'Arab Spring'" PDF
Stephan Guth (ed.), Elena Chiti (ed.), Albrecht Hofheinz (ed.) 455-508
(a) Introduction: From "Issues" to "Arrays" PDF
Stephan Guth, Albrecht Hofheinz 457-462
(b) ʿĀmmiyya PDF
Eva Marie Håland 463-465
(c) Baby Milk PDF
Albrecht Hofheinz 466-469
(d) Clash PDF
Elena Chiti 470-473
(e) Conversions PDF
Monika Lindbekk 474-478
(f) Crowdfunding PDF
Teresa Pepe 479-481
(g) Dérja PDF
Myriam Achour Kallel, Mariem Guellouz 482-483
(h) Dual identities / Masking PDF
Stephan Guth 484-491
(i) Father Figures PDF
Mihaila Yordanova 492-498
(j) Psychiatrists PDF
Maren Buvarp Aardal 499-501
(k) Satire (in YouTube channels) PDF
Mohab Mohamed 502-505

ISSN: 0806-198X