Journal of Extreme Anthropology

An interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of extreme subjects, practices and theories, critically exploring the notion of the extreme within contemporary cultural, political and economic environments, conceiving of anthropology in the broad sense as the study of human, and thus open to contributions across social sciences, humanities and philosophy. What constitutes the 'extreme' in extreme times, when consensus on what is moral and immoral, good and evil, right and wrong, appears to have eroded? Can we think extremes in order to escape, resist and subvert them?

'I remembered Machiavelli, whose rule of Method, rarely stated but always practiced, was that one must think in extremes, which means within a position from which one states borderline theses, or, to make the thought possible, one occupies the place of the impossible'

Louis Althusser



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Vol 2, No 2 (2018): Sovereignty

Table of Contents


Liberalism, Lack and 'Living the Dream': Reconsidering the attractions of alcohol-based leisure for young tourists in Magaluf, Majorca PDF
Anthony Ellis, Simon Winlow, Daniel Briggs, Antonio Silva Esquinas, Rebeca Cordero Verdugo, Jorge Ramiro Pérez Suárez
Frontera Combustible: Conceptualising the State Through the Experiences of Petrol Smugglers in the Colombian/Venezuelan Borderlands of Norte de Santander/Táchira PDF
Charles Beach
The necessity of impure sovereignty PDF
Mike Grimshaw
The Conjecture of Sovereignty: New Anxieties for the Subject PDF
Cindy Lee Zeiher
The State as God: On Bourdieu's Political Theology PDF
Victor L. Shammas
Toxic Sovereignty:Understanding Fraud as the Expression of Special Liberty within Late-Capitalism PDF
Kate Tudor


The pains of sovereignty: On the joyous passion of the self-punishing subject PDF
Victor L. Shammas
‘Living Between Two Fires’ in Eastern Ukraine: Sovereignty Gaps in Conflict-Affected Areas PDF
Tetiana Bulakh

Book Reviews

The Geneva Men: A Book Review of Globalists by Quinn Slobodian PDF
Abram Johannes Frederick Lutes
Imagining the Political in a Post-Political Environment PDF
Mathew A Varghese
Making the Left Great Again PDF
Gordon Ramsey

Photo Essays

Manifestations of Sovereignty in Venezuela and the Spirit of Bolivarian Revolution PDF
Henry Moncrieff Zabaleta


Smith in Belfast: A Radiophonic Ethnodrama PDF
Paul Antick
"Our Freedom": Sovereignty in Rural Russia PDF
Laura Kuen, Yury Snigirev

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