Vol 1, No 1 (2017)

Theses on Faeces: Encounters with the Abject

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Editorial PDF
Tereza Kuldova, Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty 3


In Shit We Stand United: Solidarity and Separation on the Lower Grounds PDF
Robert Pfaller 6-17
Excremental Art: Small Wonder in a World Full of Shit PDF
Jojada Verrips 19-46
Abjection interrogated: Uncovering the relation between abjection and disgust PDF
Rina Arya 48-61


Excerpts from 'Dark Matter: The History of Shit' by Florian Werner (transl. Tereza Kuldova) PDF
Florian Werner 63-80


Knee-Deep in Ideology PDF
Slavoj Žižek 82-83
The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good
: Bullshit as Discourse, Accursed Share, and Lubricant PDF
Fred Luks 85-91
Andouillette AAA!!! - A Digest of the Doctrine of the Anal and an Account of the Relationship between Art and Shit PDF
Georg Groeller 106-110


Give a Shit! An Interview with Laura Korčulanin by Tereza Kuldova PDF
Tereza Kuldova, Laura Korčulanin 93-99

Book Reviews

Between Abjection and the Abject PDF
Jefferson Virgílio 101-105

ISSN: 2535-3241