Health care information: gold mine or mine field? Collection, protection and utilization in Denmark’s primary health care system

Justin C. Matus


Abstract.  The purpose of this article is to present an overview of the status of the Danish Health Care system’s internal debate about the role of health care information.  On the one hand, health information, when used appropriately can be a gold mine of information to help patients and in the development of policies and allocation of resources.  On the other hand, concerns about patient privacy, unmasking of poor quality, monitoring, reduced autonomy and political agendas give rise to suspicion and fear, i.e., the mine field.  An overview of the Danish health care system is presented with an emphasis on the perceived concerns and agendas of the various stakeholders.  The perceived risks and benefits of collecting, protecting and utilizing health information is presented.  The article concludes with a recommendation for greater cooperation among the various stakeholders.


Published: Online September 2018.


health, information, patient, data, privacy, utilization

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