Working with Mathematics and Science Teachers on IBL Approaches: Teacher Concerns [VISIONS 2011: Teacher Education]

  • Svein Arne Sikko
  • Ragnhild Lyngved
  • Birgit Pepin
Emneord (Nøkkelord): Matematikkdidaktikk, Naturfagsdidaktikk, Holdninger


This paper reports on mathematics and science teachers’ beliefs concerning the use of inquiry-based teaching strategies. Two different surveys were conducted: one with 24 teachers who were to become future instructional leaders; and one with 75 teachers as part of an international baseline study. We found that teachers in Norway would like to use more IBL strategies in their day-to-day teaching. They were also asking for more, and more relevant, continuous professional development courses. Textbooks were not seen as a main hindrance to the use of IBL, but these would need to include more IBL approaches. Even if the curriculum, particularly in the natural sciences, did not represent an important hindrance, in their view, it would need to advocate IBL more explicitly. The results provide deeper insights into teacher beliefs related to IBL, in particular the constraints that prevent them from working in such a manner, and into potential ‘openings’ for using IBL to enhance pupil engagement and deeper learning. Methodologically, the study uses a quantitative approach to investigate teacher beliefs related to IBL that adds to the literature in the field.