Vol 12, Nr 2 (2018)

Temanummer om lesing og metakognisjon i engelskfaget: ‘Everybody loves a good story’: Reading for pleasure, reading for understanding: Reading and metacognition in the English Language Classroom



“Reading for pleasure, reading for understanding: Reading and metacognition in the English language classroom” PDF (English)
Jane M. Ekstam, Karen Sue Patrick Knutsen Art. 1, 9 sider


Reading and the Profession: On the Literary Education of English School Teachers PDF (English)
Katherina Dodou Art. 2, 17 sider
Understanding the Psychological Reading Process: Preparing Pre-service ESL Teachers to Become Reading Teachers PDF (English)
Karen Sue Patrick Knutsen Art. 3, 22 sider
Comparing first and second language reading: the use of metacognitive strategies among Norwegian students PDF (English)
Nicole Louise Busby Art. 4, 27 sider
An Intertextual Approach to Reading Literary Texts in English in Teacher Education PDF (English)
Annelise Brox Larsen Art 5, 17 sider
Challenges and possibilities in educating EFL reading teachers PDF (English)
Juliet Hilary Munden Art. 6, 20 sider
Metacognition and Reader Response: the use of reading logs in the envisionment-building classroom PDF (English)
Jane Ekstam Art. 7, 27 sider
Djupläsning och lässtrategier PDF
Mary Ingemansson Art. 8, 14 sider
Extensive reading in primary school EFL PDF
Anna Birketveit, Hege Emma Rimmereide, Monika Bader, Linda Fisher Art. 9, 23 sider
Reading in the second language classroom: Consideration of first language approaches in second language contexts PDF (English)
Ion Drew Art. 10, 19 sider
Promoting metalinguistic awareness in a classroom to improve reading comprehension: Examples from Roald Dahl’s novel The BFG PDF (English)
Beck Sinar Art. 11, 22 sider
The Visual, the Verbal, and the Very Young: A Metacognitive Approach to Picturebooks PDF (English)
Björn Sundmark Art. 12, 17 sider
Å lese film PDF
Britt W. Svenhard Art. 13, 16 sider

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