Application of genetic algorithm in extracting cell dielectric characteristics with electrorotation

Elnaz Alizadeh-Haghighi, Samad Jafarmadar, Shahram Khalilarya


In this study the transformed theory is applied to derive the dielectric characteristics of cells, considering the electrorotation (ER) peak frequency. In current studies, estimations of low frequency, which are credible for the values less than 1 mS/m for medium conductivity, are used to obtain the corresponding permittivity and conductivity of cells. Unlike the presented works, the transformed theory applies the comprehensive statement for corresponding permittivity and conductivity of cells. In the transformed theory, the membrane and interior characteristics could be obtained from the high and the low frequencies of peak ER, for all values of conductivity of medium. Characteristics of cells are obtained via optimization of an equation for the conductivity of medium regarding the peak ER frequency. The optimization process is performed applying genetic algorithm due to its swift adaptation to the problem and faster convergence.


electrorotation, genetic algorithm, cell dielectric properties, interior permittivity, membrane conductivity

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