Solveig Sjöberg-Pietarinen, Museer ger mening - Friluftsmuseerna Klosterbacken och Amuri som representationer

Janne Vilkuna


Solveig Sjöberg-Pietarinen som i många år förestått Hantverksmuseet på Klosterbacken definierar sitt arbete, Museer ger mening - Fri- luftsmuseerna Klosterbacken och Amuri som representationer, som en doktorsavhandling i etnologi men med museologisk inriktning. Dessa två discipliners möjligheter att komplettera varandra får hon väl fram i det följande (s. 318): 

As an ethnologist I approach the museum as an expression of culture for the community and the time when the museum was set up and ask myself what it represents? As a museologist I look at society through the museum and see what it was that the creators wanted to preserve and what they decided to omit. For museologists museums are an instrument for establishing identity and a search for knowledge while ethnologists study what offer of identification they give. In the answers of these questions the two approaches meet as in a mirror. 

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