Femte Thuleekspedition. Mod nye fællesskaber

Martin Appelt, Pernille Feldt, Anne Mette Jørgensen, Christian Sune Pedersen, Jacob Riddersholm Wang


Since 2014, the National Museum of Denmark has collaborated with the

Canadian organisations Kitikmeot Heritage Society (Cambridge Bay, Nunavut)

and Geomatics & Cartographic Research Centre at Carleton University to make

materials from the Inuinnait (Copper Inuit) area collected during the 5th Thule

Expedition (1921–1924) digitally available firstly to people in Cambridge Bay,

and secondly to a wider public. The ambition is now to make the totality of the

5th Thule Expedition material digitally available through the so-called Tumisiutproject,

in order to integrate it into a wider framework of a new Nordic curatorial

and research collaboration around Arctic and Sub-Arctic collections. Pivotal

aspects of these collaborations are discussions on various domains of ownership

rights such as “world heritage”, “cultural rights”, and “copyright”. The initial steps

have recently been taken by the National Museum of Denmark and the Museum

of Cultural History, University of Oslo.


Sub-arctic and Arctic collections, Nordic collaboration, The 5th Thule Expedition, ownership rights, source communities.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5617/nm.6655


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