Mapping the fields. Geographies of knowledge production. Et forskningsprosjekt om romlige-digitale-arkivale sammenfiltringer


  • Kristina Skåden University of Oslo



Digital humanities, spatial humanities, spatial history, digital maps, mapping, cultural history, history of knowledge, fieldwork.


Mapping the Fields: Geographies of Knowledge Production, is a

humanities experiment, exploring fieldworks of the nineteenth century. By studying

fieldworks, the project investigates production and circulation of knowledge,

and the role of space and place in these practices. Furthermore, and that is the

concern of this article, Mapping the Fields is one possible answer to an ongoing

discussion about how the building of a database, data model, and digital maps

may be fruitful for research related to Norwegian Folklore Archives. The project

engages the general idea of mapping as a process within network relations. In this

article, it is argued that concepts developed in relations between geography and

literature studies are fruitful within a Culture History approach to Spatial History.

The article problematizes how “the digital” stabilizes “facts” and contributes to

inspiration, new research questions and new knowledge.

Author Biography

Kristina Skåden, University of Oslo

Ph.D., Postdoc, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages



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