Noget at tale om! Museet som katalysator for ensomhedsforebyggelse hos ældre


  • Cecilie Monrad Frederiksbergmuseerne



Museums and social responsibility, art & health, combatting loneliness, elder citizens, memories, storytelling.


In recent years, there has been an increase in cooperative projects

between the cultural and the healthcare sector. International research shows that

there is a good reason for that. From a holistic approach to the body and mind,

it appears that the arts in various aspects can have significant impact on mental

health, and that it can improve the individual’s quality of life. This text describes

a collaborative project between The Frederiksberg Museums and Frederiksberg

Health Centre. The purpose of this project is the prevention of loneliness in senior

citizens. The survey questions are based on the potential significance of the museum

collection as a catalyst for conversation and thus relationship formation. In

addition, we have wished to examine the degree to which a museum’s intervention

can strengthen the social networks of the participants.

Author Biography

Cecilie Monrad, Frederiksbergmuseerne

MA, Dissemination and Communication of Culture 

Dissemination Inspector