No 2 (2015)

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Preface PDF
Eva Silvén, Silje Opdahl Mathisen, Rossella Ragazzi, Marzia Varutti 1


Appropriate museology and the “new museum ethics”. Honoring diversity PDF
Christina Kreps 4
Without a trace? The Sámi in the Swedish History Museum PDF
Marte Spangen 17
Minority history in museums. Between ethnopolitics and museology PDF
Vidar Fagerheim Kalsås 33
Reconstruction as trope of cultural display. Rethinking the role of “living exhibitions” PDF
Cathrine Baglo 49
Enacting colonised space. Katarina Pirak Sikku and Anders Sunna PDF
Anne Heith 69
Exchanging stories. Art and identity of an Arctic people PDF
Charis Gullickson, Hermina Wei-Hsin Din 84
Gákti ja goahti. Heritage work and identity at Várdobáiki Museum PDF
Liisa-Rávná Finbog 95


New ways into the Sami language PDF
Kajsa Kuoljok 108
Collecting Sápmi. Early modern collecting of Sámi material culture PDF
Jonas M. Nordin, Carl-Gösta Ojala 114
I stadens utkant. Svensk-romska livsberättelser och lägerplatser från 1900-talet PDF (Swedish)
Lotta Fernstål, Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius 123
Making things matter. Meaning and materiality in museum displays PDF
Mattias Bäckström 133
SIEF new working group on Museums and Material Culture PDF
Hester Dibbits, Lizette Gradén 142
Undervisning på museer. Presentation af en ny nordisk bibliografi PDF (Danish)
Trine Hyllested 144

Exhibition reviews

Time and place, truth and proof. The 22 July Information Centre PDF
Chris Whitehead 146

Book reviews

Ane Hejlskov Larsen, Rune Gade & André Wang Hansen (eds.). Cybermuseologi – kunst, museer og formidling i et digitalt perspektiv PDF
Dagny Stuedahl 154
Janne Werner Olsrud & Christine Snekkenes (red.). Museologer på museum. Fra undring til kunnskap PDF (Swedish)
Kerstin Smeds 158

ISSN: 2002-0503