No 2 (2013)

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Forord PDF (Danish)
Britta Tøndborg, Brita Brenna, Eva Silvén 1


The Dangerous Museum. Participatory practices and controversy in museums today PDF
Britta Tøndborg 3
Controversial indigeneity. Museums representing non-officially recognized indigenous groups in Taiwan PDF
Marzia Varutti 17
“Thus our display will be honest but may be controversial”. Exhibiting pre-history during the South African democratization process PDF
Cecilia Rodéhn 33
Overgrep på museum. Musealisering av personlige beretninger om tvang og overgrep PDF (Norwegian)
Olav Hamran, Ellen Lange 51
Museum pedagogy and the evocation of moments of responsibility PDF
Katrine Tinning 67
En middelalderdronning og en tysk bunkersoldat. Om myte, sandhed og narrative substanser i museumsudstillinger PDF (Danish)
Mikkel Kirkedahl Nielsen, Christian Ringskou 79
Is Darwin dangerous? Museums, media, and public understanding of evolution PDF
Hanne Stranger, Peter C. Kjærgaard 98
Kontroversiel kuratering. Refleksioner over Thomas Hirschhorns Bataille Monument PDF (Danish)
Sabine Nielsen 116
Open Images. Risk or opportunity for art collections in the digital age? PDF
Merete Sanderhoff 131


Het historia, svala museer PDF (Swedish)
Kathrine Hauptman, Fredrik Svanberg 147

Book reviews

Peter Aronsson & Lizette Gradén (red.). Performing Nordic Heritage. Everyday Practices and Institutional Culture PDF (Danish)
Mads Daugbjerg 158

ISSN: 2002-0503