No 1 (2011)

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Forord PDF
Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson, Ane Hejlskov Larsen 1


Social Media and Community Involvement in Museums. A case study of a local history wiki community PDF
Dagny Stuedahl 3
Challenges for the Technological Augmentation of Open-Air Museums: Bridging Buildings, Artefacts and Activities PDF
Luigina Ciolfi, Marc McLoughlin 15
The Media Mixer: User Creativity through Production, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Digital Media Content PDF
Christian Hviid Mortensen, Vitus Vestergaard 35
The interactive museum and its non-human actants PDF
Jonathan Westin 45
Digital levendegørelse - 1700-tals faktionsleg på Facebook PDF (Danish)
Mette Boritz, Mia Ramsing Jensen, Charlotte S.H. Jensen, Ida Lund-Andersen 60
Den vanskelige dialogen. Om universitetsmuseenes praktiske utfordringer i møtet med web 2.0-samfunnet PDF (Norwegian)
Guro Jørgensen 81
Interaction and Performativity in Digital Art Exhibitions PDF
Vuokko Harma 98
Tradition (re)visited: from place to presence PDF
Chiel van den Akker 106


Digitization of cultural heritage project. Description of PhD project PDF
Magdalena Laine-Zamojska 125
Portable technologies at the museum PDF
Connie Svabo 135

Research networks

Identity politics and uses of the past with European national museums PDF
Peter Aronsson 117

Book reviews

Bjørnar Olsen: In Defense of Things. Archaeology and the Ontology of Objects PDF (Norwegian)
Hanne Hammer Stien 147
Eva Insulander: Tinget, rummet, besökaren. Om meningsskapande på museum PDF (Norwegian)
Dag Solhjell 151
Amy K. Levin (red.): Gender, sexuality, and museums PDF (Danish)
Bo Jensen 157
Ole Strandgaard: Museumsbogen. Praktisk museologi PDF (Swedish)
Britta M. Lundgren 163

ISSN: 2002-0503