ReleQuant – Improving teaching and learning in quantum physics through educational design research


  • Berit Bungum
  • Ellen K. Henriksen
  • Carl Angell
  • Cathrine W. Tellefsen
  • Maria Vetleseter Bøe



quantum physics, upper secondary school, educational design research, visualisation, language in learning


Quantum physics and relativity are demanding for teachers and students, but have the potential for students to experience physics as fascinating and meaningful. Project ReleQuant engaged in educational design research to improve teaching and learning in these topics in Norwegian upper secondary schools. The paper focuses on the first cycle of development of a teaching module on quantum physics and how design principles were developed. We construct the design principles by reviewing relevant research literature and conducting three pilot studies. The process resulted in the following principles for designing the quantum physics teaching module: 1) clarify how quantum physics breaks with classical physics; 2) use simulations of phenomena that cannot be experienced directly; 3) provide students to use written and oral language; 4) address and discuss wave-particle duality and the uncertainty






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