Vektlegging av lesing i naturfaget. Del 1: Vil den nye norske læreplanen i naturfag øke elevenes lesekompetanse?

  • Stein Dankert Kolstø Institutt for fysikk og teknologi, Universitetet i Bergen


In the Norwegian curriculum reform, coined ”Kunnskapsløftet,” reading is introduced as one of five basic skills to be emphasised in all subjects, including science. Due to the presence of science-related information and debate in society, competence in reading scientific texts should be considered an important aspect of scientific literacy. In this article I review literature which indicates that many students find it hard to read scientific texts, many science teachers are not aware of the importance of teaching students to read in science, and reading instruction is not common in school science. I therefore present an examination of the emphasis on reading in the new Norwegian science curriculum. Based on the analysis I conclude that, contrary to the intension in the curriculum reform, reading has not received the necessary emphasis to change this picture.