Inte som i skolan - pedagoger positionerar naturvetenskap i förskolan <br/>Preschool teachers talk about science – Positioning themselves and positioning science

  • Karin Elisabet Due Umeå University
  • Britt Tellgren Örebro University
  • Sofie Areljung Umeå University
  • Christina Ottander Umeå University
  • Bodil Sundberg Örebro University
Keywords: science in preeschool, preeschool teachers, interviews


This article discusses how preschool teachers, who include a scientific content in their practice, describe their practice and their view of science in preschool. The study is based on 20 interviews in 9 Swedish preschools. The theoretical and analytical framework combine "communities of practice"(Lave & Wenger) and "positioning theory" (Harré & Langehove). The stories reveal a strong position for the pre-school curriculum and traditions. A prominent storyline is that Science in preschool is something different from science in school. This includes an anti-authoritarian view with a focus on "the competent child". The preschool teachers affirm fantasy, creativity and intuition as a part of science and they position science as easy to access. They also position themselves as pedagogues competent to manage science in preschool. One of the dilemmas is about letting children’s interests and initiatives drive the activities while educators curriculum- based goals have certain intentions to fulfill.