En Delfistudie om lärares uppfattning av elevengagemang i NO-undervisningen <br/> A Delphi study of teachers views on engagement in the science classroom


  • Cristian Abrahamsson Institutionen för utbildningsvetenskap, Lunds universitet, Sverige
  • Claes Malmberg Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Ann-Marie Pendrill University of Lund, Sweden




Science teachers, Engagement, Lower secondary, Delphi study


What happens in a science classroom where students are engaged and how do teachers observe and interpret student engagement? This article highlights teachers’ perspective on students’ engagement in science education and to what extent it is connected to the scientific content. This approach complements earlier research which focuses mostly on students’ attitude towards science education and their interest in various topics in science.

The findings are based on a three-stage Delphi survey distributed to 39 expert science teachers. The results shows science education with a range of different perspectives and that most teachers do not perceive any direct connection between specific science topics and the students’ engagement. The survey also shows that teachers to a high level interpret students’ emotional expressions and academic behavior as engagement rather than their cognitive behavior. 






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