En grav med smedverktøy fra tidlig vikingtid på Nordheim i Sogndal. En analyse av gravgods, handlingsrekker og symbolikk

Randi Barndon, Asle Bruen Olsen


A grave with tools for metalworking from early Viking age at Nordheim in Sogndal. An analysis of grave goods, chains of actions and symbolism

A recently excavated early Viking-age grave from Sogndal in Sogn and Fjordane County in Western Norway contained numerous tools. The excavation revealed detailed information about the cremation and burial sequences. Weapons and numerous tools for metalworking were among the deposited objects. In this article, we describe the observable chains of actions in the cremation- and post-cremation rituals. We review the identified objects deposited in the grave and suggest some preliminary interpretations about the grave goods and location of the grave in its local context in Sogn and Fjordane County. Finally, we discuss the so-called Norwegian «smiths’ graves» and suggest a more nuanced interpretation.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5617/viking.6480

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