The genealogy of the museum

  • Annesofie Becker


The title of the symposion was "The Genealogy of the Museum ". Why did we use a word from ancient Greek? Why not just call it "The History of the Museum" or "The pedigree of the Museum"? Why did we give priority to the museum's temporality?

In the course of the last ten years, the museum world has been subjected to a great deal of change. We only know that there has certainly been a musem's boom and that, quoting Walter Grasskamp, "the museum has become the metaphor for our time". Just a few years ago, the question was whether or not there would still be a museum in the future. But this is no longer the case. No, the question now is whether or not there will be a future for the museum. Today, the anxiety about the future itself is greater and more real than any anxiety about the future of the museum.