The researching art exhibition. Curatorial approaches and methods in an interdisciplinary field


  • Anne Julie Arnfred Roskilde University



Building upon art theorist Simon Sheikh’s notion of two different translations of the word ‘research’ as on one hand the French recherché and on the other hand the German Forschung, the article explores the possibilities for combining art and research. Extending Sheikh’s idea of the art exhibition as Forschung, the article suggests a notion of the researching exhibition, exploring the possibilities of the art exhibition as an active contributor to, and generator of knowledge through a practice to theory approach in a (non-art) academic research project. The article contributes to reflection regarding which approaches and methods can be used in the collaborative practice-theory research process during work with the researching exhibition. It does so by examining what constitutes this type of exhibition, as well as the processes it produces and by which it is produced. The important thing is that the exhibition does not end up as a mere illustration of already conducted research, but rather as an active contributor to and facilitator of research.

Author Biography

Anne Julie Arnfred, Roskilde University

Curator and Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Communication and Arts