Authors writing in Nynorsk returning home. Four Garborg narratives – four museums


  • Oddmund Hoel Western Norway University of Applied Sciences



In 1924 the author Arne Garborg’s summer house Knudaheio in Time, Rogaland, was turned into an authentic house museum, at that time the fifth author museum in Norway and the third dedicated to an author writing in Nynorsk. Three more Garborg museums opened in 1951, 1996 and 2012, also including his wife, the author and cultural worker Hulda Garborg. This study compares the Garborg narratives developed and displayed in the four museums. Quite traditional narratives in the two oldest museums differ from the narratives in the two younger where stronger efforts are made to show the relevance of Arne and Hulda Garborg’s life and work today. The Garborg museums are used as a case to investigate what characterizes Nynorsk, and in more general, minority language author museums founded by cultural movements as tools in promoting a linguistic programme.

Author Biography

Oddmund Hoel, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Department of Social Science



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