Museientreprenörskap som praktik- och kunskapsfält


  • Anders Högberg Linnaeus University
  • Marina Jogmark Linnaeus University



This study, “Museum entrepreneurship as practice and knowledge field”,
examines how museum directors view museum entrepreneurship, why they think
it is important and how it can develop. Results show that the museum directors
view entrepreneurship from a broad perspective that goes beyond a traditional
image of entrepreneurship as exclusively an economic phenomenon. The results
emphasize the need to turn to museum entrepreneurship as a way of thinking
about renewal of museum activities, solving financial problems linked to decrees
in public funding, find new sources of income and to create business models that
have potential to refine opportunities coming from digitalization. The need for
museum entrepreneurship is also about clarifying an awareness of what kind of
values are created and how these can be formed while maintaining integrity in
collaboration with the rest of society. The results also show that there is a need to
develop museum entrepreneurship through collaborative research approaches.

Author Biographies

Anders Högberg, Linnaeus University

Department of Cultural Sciences

Centre for Applied Heritage

UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures




Marina Jogmark, Linnaeus University

Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship

Senior Lecturer