«Utvidet klasserom» – Et verktøy for å designe uteundervisning i naturfag

  • Kari Beate Remmen Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleforskning Universitetet i Oslo/ Department of Teacher Education and School Research University of Oslo
  • Merethe Frøyland Naturfagsenteret/Norwegian Center for Science Education
Keywords: outdoor science activities, teaching design, student understanding


Despite its rich learning potential, outdoor science activities are challenging to integrate in classroom teaching. Therefore, this paper synthesizes theory, findings and experiences from 20 years of research – and development projects aiming to integrate outdoor teaching in school science, resulting in a pedagogical model called "Extended classroom". Discussing "Extended classroom" in light of related frameworks in the literature, we propose that the "Extended classroom" offers more explicit tools for teachers in designing outdoor science activities that foster opportunities for students to develop deeper learning. In addition, "Extended classroom" seems to facilitate collaboration between classroom teachers and external professionals.


Curriculum development, projects and networks