Vektlegging av lesing i naturfaget. Del 2: Hvordan fremme elevens kompetanse i å lese naturfaglige tekster?

  • Stein Dankert Kolstø Institutt for fysikk og teknologi, Universitetet i Bergen


This article offers a tool-kit for science teachers reading instruction in science. The tool-kit is based on the importance of knowledge of text structures and skilled use of reading strategies for reading comprehension. Furthermore, the tool-kit takes into account the characteristics of the nature of science and scientific texts. By drawing upon insights from research on reading and reading instruction, the article directs attention to research which concludes that proper instruction increase students’ competency in reading expository texts with understanding. The article thus concludes that, in order to induce a change in school science towards increased focus on reading scientific texts, competencies related to reading need to be included among the learning goals in the science curriculum.