Realisering av utdanning for bærekraftig utvikling (UBU) – slik erfart av et utvalg naturfagslærere i videregående skole <br/> Education for sustainable development. - Experienced by science teachers in upper secondary school in Norway

  • Elina Maria Sundstrøm Norwegian University og Life Science
  • Siw Turid Killengreen UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Stig Misund UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Hans-Georg Köller UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Keywords: Education, sustainable development, upper secondary school


Education for sustainable development has been implemented in the Norwegian teaching curriculum since 2005. The goal was initially to give the students knowledge in order for them to live more sustai­nable lives. We conducted interviews and a questionnaire survey to investigate how science teachers in upper secondary school teach this subject, and what they considered to be the challenges. Results from this survey show that teachers mainly use traditional classroom teaching, and to a little extend educated the students the way intended when sustainable development was included in the curricu­lum. In addition, they felt that the subject is not prioritized from the school administration, and the interdisciplinary collaboration is insufficient. In 2020, a revised version of the Norwegian curriculum is completed, and the findings from this survey emphasize the importance of a stronger implementation of education for sustainable development in the Norwegian school system.