The subject of technology in the Swedish elementary school, seen through the magnifier of the research circle


  • Peter Gustafsson Mälardalens högskola
  • Gunnar Jonsson Mälardalens högskola
  • Tor Nilsson Mälardalens högskola



technology, primary school, research circle, teachers, competence development


Technology has been a compulsory subject in the Swedish school curriculum since 1980. However, many primary school teachers say that they do not feel comfortable with teaching technology. This often results in a teaching time that is a (too) small part of the total teaching time of science and technology. In addition, studies show that pupils are probably not given equivalent education as the syllabi may be interpreted in different ways. Against this background, we have conducted three research circles under the guidance of researchers, in three municipalities in the Mälardalen region, addressing teachers working in preschool class to grade 6. Each circle had up to five participants and had five meetings during one year. Based on the teachers’ own questions and needs we have studied didactic literature connected to the subject of technology, discussed the syllabi for technology and different forms of teaching support. An existing model for pedagogical content knowledge in technology has been used to interpret the activities in the research circles. The teachers experienced and appreciated the opportunities to work with the subject content linked to the syllabi for technology and saw ways to integrate technology with other school subjects.






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