Concept cartoons as teaching method for argumentation and reflection among teacher students and pupils


  • Anne-Lise Strande University College of Southeast-Norway
  • Janne Madsen University College of Southeast-Norway



Concept cartoons, natural science, argumentation, reflection, teacher education


The purpose of this research is to investigate Concept cartoons as a teaching method in natural science in teacher education. We explore how Concept Cartoons influence and support the learning of natural science. In recent years, it has become clearer that systematic facilitation of reflection and discussions on a topic increases students’ understanding and learning. In this study, we examined how 29 teacher students experienced the use of concept cartoons in natural science. The empirical data covered two individual reflection notes and a group report including descriptions and reflections on the period of practice. We used qualitative and quantitative methods for analysis. The students experienced a need for learning to argue and to reflect, and they needed both these techniques and central scientific concepts to utilize the Cartoons. Our results show that the Cartoons supported variation in teaching






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