«Utflukter sitter lengre i hjernen». Elevers synspunkter på hvordan de lærer naturfag

«Excursions remains longer in the brain». Student’s views on teaching methods in Science education


  • Kari Sælemyr Høgskolen på Vestlandet
  • Jan Egil Bjørndal




This article presents 10th grade students’ views on teaching methods in science. The students have answered a survey on what they think is positive in science teaching and what they think could be improved. They were also asked to explain why. The answers have been analyzed using a mixed methods design. The most distinct finding was that many students express boredom and lack of well-being in the science classroom. The students’ answers indicates that the traditional teaching methods dominate, and that teaching methods that are considered important in science teaching, such as excursions and inquiry teaching methods, are less used. The students believed that science teaching methods that provide more use of dialogue, cooperation and activity will increase learning and well-being. Knowledge about what the students’ report increases their engagement in science education, might contribute to develop teaching methods that will increase the students’ work effort in science.







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