Læreres erfaringer med teknologi og design i ungdomsskolen i møte med ny læreplan i Norge

The experiences of middle school teachers with technology and design raise some issues with respect to the new national curriculum

  • Sigve Ladstein NLA Høgskolen, avdeling for Lærerutdanning



Technology and Design was included as a multidisciplinary subject and specific field of science in the Knowledge Promotion reform in Norway. In this study middle school teachers are interviewed how they understand the school authorities’ intentions with technology and design, and how they plan and teach this subject. This article also investigate to what extent multidisciplinary collaboration exists between teachers responsible for technology and design. According to teachers, they believe the purpose behind technology and design is so students’ competencies can meet society’s needs related to engineering and science, and motivate students to choose a scientific education. The internet and educational instruction books in science inspire the teachers, but the curriculum’s competency goals hardly govern the provided education. Some teachers use relevant practical activities, but the quality of education varies considerably. Noteworthy, multidisciplinary instruction is hindered, due to a lack of planning time and priority. This experience raises questions when multidisciplinary instruction is expected to increase in the Norwegian curriculum reform from 2020.