Multimodal evaluering af deltagerstyret problem- og undersøgelsesbaseret aktiviteter i børnehave og indskoling<br />Multimodal assessment of inquiry based science education in kindergarten and primary school

  • Lars Domino Østergaard Instiutut for Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet


A multimodal assessment method is designed on the basis on Science Performance Assessment with three central representations in focus of assessment: Written, oral and practical representations. The multimodal assessment method is tried out in both kindergarten and in primary school, which have worked with inquiry based science education (IBSE) related to the subject “Wind & Weather”. The study is situated in a sociocultural context and the data are analyzed according to Engeströms activity theory. The results clearly indicated that the method is suitable for assessment of IBSE activities. It gives the evaluator opportunities to test students’ knowledge, skills and competencies related to science as well as students’ social and personal competencies. Hence, the evaluator in a better way can guide the students in the right direction on their learning journey.