Aspect in the Imperative across Slavic - a corpus driven pilot study


  • Ruprecht von Waldenfels University of Bern



The present paper presents a corpus-driven study of aspect in the imperative across Slavic, drawing on 13 versions of Bulgakov's Master i Margarita in 11 languages as included in the ParaSol corpus (Waldenfels 2006). Taking departure from imperative contexts in the Russian original, it is shown that differences in aspect use follow an areal pattern. The results are largely consistent with theories such as forwarded by Barentsen (1998) and Dickey (2000) that emphasize the existence of two focal groups of aspect use in the East and the West and the results of the questionaire-based study reported in Benacchio (2010).

Author Biography

Ruprecht von Waldenfels, University of Bern

Assistent, Institut für slavische Sprachen und Literaturen