Names and Identities in the Italian Detective Story


  • Maria Giovanna Arcamone University of Pisa



Detective stories were established in Italy at the end of the nine- teenth century in imitation of the 'noir' and the French and English serial novels. The Italian detective story over time has grown also with some of our better writers and it is to stories written by Carlo Emilio Gadda, Leonardo Sciascia, Carlo Fruttero/Franco Lucentini, Carlo Fruttero and Andrea Vitali that this paper is dedicated to investigating. In addition, all these authors reveal with linguistic reflections that they appreciate the inherent power of Proper Names. The de- tective novel is especially appropriate on the relation between proper names and identity. Indeed, normally at the beginning of events both in the real world and in detective fiction the personalities present in the good and bad texture of events have not yet been identified. These authors of Italian detective stories look for an ally in the nominatio to help them define the identity of their characters and the backdrop of their story.



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