Glossa som forskningsverktøy. Hva folk søker etter og hva resultatene brukes til


  • Kristin Hagen Universitetet i Oslo
  • Joel Priestley Universitetet i Oslo
  • Anders Nøklestad Universitetet i Oslo
  • Åshild Søfteland Høgskolen i Østfold



In this article we show how the search interface Glossa has been developed in step with the various corpora that have been built at the Text Laboratory. Furthermore, we present statistics on what kind of searches people do – single words or longer phrases, with or without specifications for phonetic form or grammatical features etc. – focusing on the Nordic Dialect Corpus and the Corpus of American Nordic Speech. Finally, we demonstrate how researchers have searched for data in these corpora and used them in published articles – both simple and extended search, in smaller or larger language areas – within several different branches of linguistics.



2021-01-22 — Updated on 2022-01-03


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