Formell og semantisk adjektivkongruens i norsk


  • Øystein A. Vangsnes UiT Noregs arktiske universitet & Høgskulen på Vestlandet
  • Tor A. Åfarli Noregs teknisk-naturvitskaplege universitet



This article provides an empirically based overview and discussion of types of adjectival agreement in attributive and predicative posisitions in Norwegian. In particular, we focus on two empirical facts that are quite striking: 1) With semantic agreement in predicative position, there are apparently no formal agreement features in the predication subject that trigger agreement on the predicative adjective; 2) Even though there is not alway formal agreement betwen the predication subject and a predicative adjective, there is always strict formal agreement between the head noun and an attributive adjective.



2021-01-22 — Updated on 2022-01-03