Le soufisme New Age des salles de yoga

  • Dalia Chams


In trendy yoga studios, a new type of Sufism practice is flourishing in Egypt, that we can call New Age Sufism. It’s merging traditional Sufi practices as ḏikr, with Zen meditation and yoga breathing techniques. People who attend this kind of sessions are more or less highly ranked; they are looking for another way to reach serenity and inner peace, to avoid post-revolution stress.
This paper aims to analyse this kind of practice by first describing a Sufi meditation session, in order to explain how it creates a new type of Sufism New Age, more universal and not linked to a religion in particular. Then, it sheds light on the target group this neo-Sufism is attracting and the reasons behind these practises. At the end, the paper emphasises other related aspects of this phenomenon in the cultural field.

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Chams, D. (1). Le soufisme New Age des salles de yoga. Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, 18, 51-62. https://doi.org/10.5617/jais.6520