Nesin Vakfı Edebiyat Yıllığı. Eine kommentierte Übersicht über alle Bände der literarischen Jahrbücher der Aziz Nesin Stiftung, 1976–1985.


  • Wolfgang E Scharlipp



This article is a synopsis of all ten volumes of the yearbook of Turkish literature “Nesin Vakfı Edebiyat Yıllığı” which was edited by the “Aziz Nesin Foundation” from 1976–1985. Comprising nearly 10.000 pages it is by far the most detailed source for the events in the development of modern Turkish literature during that period. Each volume contains information about single authors, concerning jubilees of different kinds, literary prizes they won, political influence on their work and last but not least many contributions about their literature, paying attention to novels, short stories, poetry, drama as well as folk literature. As these books were printed in a limited edition and are out of print since long and besides that have no index, it seemed useful to offer a synopsis to readers who are interested in modern Turkish literature in order to give them some of the informations that the author thinks are the most important ones