PCK som ”Materialefaglighed” – videns og handlingsstrukturer i naturfagslokalet

Materiality in PCK – structures of knowledge and skills in the science classroom


  • Jens Jakob Ellebæk University College South Denmark, University of Southern Denmark




Based on empirical data from three teachers’ practice in the field of primary science (science and technology),

the article discusses the relationship between materiality and the development of Pedagogical

Content Knowledge (PCK). Methodologically, narrative inquiry is used as an approach in the analysis of

the multiple data from in-depth interview, classroom observation and stimulated reflection. The results

show several types of connections and pathways for perceived PCK development. Both socio-material

resources and collegial collaboration around experiential material practice are highlighted. The analyzes

show that PCK in science and technology is not only perceived as cognitively tied to the individual, but also

linked to central materials and elements of the teachers’ practice. At the same time, teachers perceive

the development of PCK as being linked to the availability of particular socio-material structures, and to

meaningful collaboration with colleagues who can convey, exemplify and make available the knowledge

distributed in the materials. As a result of the analyzes, the concept of “Materialefaglighed” (Material-

PCK) is constructed and stated as an analytical concept that contains the science teacher’s distributed and

socio-materially linked knowledge, ability and doing.

Author Biography

Jens Jakob Ellebæk, University College South Denmark, University of Southern Denmark

Insitute of Teacher Education, Senior Lecturer, PhD student