Tradução Automática na Interação com Máquinas


  • António Teixeira
  • José Casimiro Pereira
  • Pedro Goucha Francisco
  • Nuno Almeida



Automatic translation is usually related to conversion between human languages. Nevertheless, in human-machine interaction scenarios new forms of translation emerged. This work presents two examples. First, from the area of Natural Language Generation, is presented a data-to-text system, where data stored in a database regarding a medication plan is translated to Portuguese. As second example, is presented a system addressing the transmission of information from humans to computers, showing that automatic translation can be useful in the development of systems that use voice commands for interaction and having multilingualism as a requirement. The examples presented, part of our recent work, demonstrate the increase of application areas for automatic translation, area that received many and valuable contributions from Belinda Maia.