Estudo preliminar da anáfora num corpus de interpretação simultânea


  • Sílvia Araújo
  • Ana Correia



In this paper, we propose an exploratory study about the usefulness of multilingual corpora in areas related to the study of language, translation and, in particular, of simultaneous interpreting. After a brief overview of corpus-based interpreting studies as well as of some existing electronic interpreting corpora, we move on to describe the compilation stages of a bidirectional multimedia corpus (PT--EN/EN--PT). This is followed by an example of how the corpus can be explored, which focuses on the issue of anaphoric relations. The aim of this study if twofold: on the one hand, to convey the relevance of this type of resource as a repository of authentic simultaneous interpreting data; and, on the other hand, to demonstrate that by analysing it from a linguistic perspective it may be possible to identify sensitive areas in simultaneous interpreting (e.g. anaphora), which may prove an important contribution for interpreter training.