Corpógrafo, Terminologie, Phraséologie


  • Françoise Bacquelaine



The Corpógrafo results from interdisciplinary collaboration between linguists andcomputer engineers under Belinda Maia’s direction. This user-friendly tool for building and using tailor-made corpora allows not only for terminology extractionand management, but also for any research based on monolingual, comparable or parallel corpora. This paper presents the Corpógrafo’s evolution from the first to the fourth version, and two experiences of its use in three languages (English, French and Portuguese). The first experience is in the field of Bluetooth technology terminology extraction and management. The second deals with four Portuguese structures containing the universal quantifier 'cada' and expressing progression, «dropper», proportion between two sets of events or entities and proportion between a set and a subset of events or entities. These experiences show the strengths, weaknesses and limits of the Corpógrafo.