«Så godt det lar sig gjøre» – kommenterade krigstidsbrev adresserade till Arthur Nordén från norska kollegor 1940–1945 

  • Joakim Goldhahn Institionen för kulturvetenskaper, Linnéuniversitetet 


«As good as it can be done» – commented war letters from Norwegian colleagues to Arthur Nordén 1940–1945 

This article is based on letters addressed to Arthur Nordén (1891–1965), from his Norwegian colleagues Anton Willhelm Brøgger (1884–1951) and Sverre Marstrander (1910–1986) during the Nazi occupation of Norway, which lasted from 9 April 1940 to 8 May 1945. The letters provide unique historical insights into Brøgger's and Marstrander's activities during the war and reveal how they were engaging with Swedish archaeological colleagues during the Nazi occupation of Norway. While there is no doubt the relationship between archaeology and Nazism during the Second World War is a complex issue, and one that has been addressed by a number of researchers (e.g. Nordenborg Myhre 1984, 2002; Hagen 2002), these letters reflect particular solidarity between Swedish and Norwegian colleagues. They act as aging photographs capturing unique insight into personal experience and agencies. The expressed solidarity in words and actions strengthened existing collegiality and friendships. The letters add to a more nuanced understanding of the history of our discipline. 

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