Pilegrimsspor fra Tynset: En detektorfunnet blymedaljong med kristne motiver


  • Margrete Figenschou Simonsen Kulturhistorisk Museum, Universitetet i Oslo
  • Karoline Kjesrud Kulturhistorisk Museum, Universitetet i Oslo




In 2016, a metal detectorist found a circular lead medallion with iconography on both sides in Tynset in the Østerdalen valley. This article studies the medallion’s shape, function and symbolical content. The object is interpreted as a pendant comparable with pilgrim badges from the late medieval period. The motifs are identified as Christian, representing the apocalyptical Mary with Christ on one side, and a passion and resurrection scene on the other. In this article, the medallion is compared to Norwegian and other European pilgrim badges and amulets with the same motifs, suggesting its origin most likely to be Aachen in Germany. Aachen was one of the most visited holy places for pilgrimage in Europe. The motifs can be connected to the Marian cathedral in Aachen, at the same time as expressing religious content regularly transmitted in the late medieval church. By comparing the motifs with Old Norse texts and images, the article demonstrates how the amulet’s religious messages potentially could influence the bearer – possibly a Norwegian pilgrim.  






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