Call for papers

As a contributor, you will setup your own CLARA account and upon logging in, you will find information about how to proceed. All contributors are directed to the CLARA guidelines andkindly asked to follow them with care, in order to ensure efficient procedures. Copyrights of illustrations should without exception be taken care of by theauthors. There is no deadline, as CLARA publishes the articles successively. Young scholars are invited to propose texts with the aim of receiving constructive feedback, and encouraged on an equal footing to established scholars to submit their work.Conference proceedings and thematic volumes are also welcome, but should be prepared as an interconnected entity, if this is the wish of the authors. Editors of such volumes will be named in the heading of each article, but a peer review evaluation by way of CLARA will still have to be undertaken and the volume editors will be held responsible for following up on the comments and remarks. To scholars working within the Norwegian academic system: The articles that are published in spring 2015 will form the basis for the level of the registration of the journal at the National Board of Publication, the Norwegian Association of HigherEducation Institutions. CLARA aims at being a ‘tellekantpoeng’ producingjournal from 2016.