Håkon Roland on Carian ‘portraiture’ and Coan coinage in the fourth century BCE


The article is about the alleged iconographic connection between major fourth-century Coan coin issues and the Hecatomnid sculptures of the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus. The coins are used by historians as the only evidence for an early interference by Hecatomnid rulers on Cos. Based on this, Mausolus himself has been considered a driving force behind the synoecism on Cos in 366 BCE, an idea that has gained support over the years. If so, the synoecism on Cos would have been caused by 'oligarchic' forces... Enjoy Roland's presentation of the new results of his research on Coan coins, a body of material he has been investigating for decades!

Please note that the article is published in CLARA vol. 6 (2020). There is a backlog of articles that will be published in this volume in the second half of January, before Editor-in-Chief Bente Kiilerich presents her plans and ideas for 2021