”Att skriva avtal är att förutse problem”. Medierad diskursanalys som metod för att studera bolagsjuristers textbruk


  • Mona Blåsjö Stockholms universitet




Att texter är centrala i juridisk verksamhet är välkänt. Här fokuseras avtalstexter och avtalsprocesser i bolagsjuristers yrkesverksamhet, men även juristers övergripande kompetenser beskrivs i termer av medierande redskap/handlingar. Den teoretiska ramen är nyvygotskianism, varur Mediated Discourse Analysis används som analysmetod.



By applying concepts from Mediated Discourse Analysis (MDA, Scollon & Scollon 2004), this article contributes to the field of applied linguistics theoretically and empirically. The theore­tical issue is the problematization raised by e.g. Karlsson (2010) on how to regard the text–“context” relationship. The empirical contribution concerns our knowledge about how texts are used in professional communication. The data consists of observations of company law­yers’ work, interviews, a focus group, a few texts and feedback from lawyers on preliminary findings. The results show that the writing of contracts is a predominant social practice (or nexus of practice, as several practices are included in this) for company lawyers; that this practice includes anticipating and avoiding problems for the company; and how this practice is locally performed together with other professional representatives. MDA is shown i.e. to include concepts for analysing actors dealing with complexity out of the immediate inter­action.



Mona Blåsjö, Stockholms universitet

Docent, Institutionen för nordiska språk, Stockholms universitet