Call for papers CLARA—Classical Art and Archaeology (special issue no. 3)


Dear professors, researchers and students,

For several decades, Pompeii and the areas surrounding it (Boscoreale, Stabiae, Oplontis) have been at the forefront of new research across the humanities and social sciences. This broad-ranging work includes a variety of innovative, interdisciplinary approaches, and these sites continue to both fascinate and challenge scholarly conceptions of life in the Roman ancient world.    

We are writing now to launch our ‘Call for Papers’ for CLARA special issue vol. 3, Pompeii: from the Real to the Ideal, Bente Kiilerich and Astri K. Lundgren (eds). Papers will encompass many topics relating to Pompeii by researchers representing a range of scholarly perspectives, including archaeology, art history, anthropology, social sciences and cultural studies. The special issue aims to be a forum for debating the interrelationship between the real (archaeological site and artefacts) and the ideal (visualisations and reinterpretations in art, film and exhibitions).

Submissions are encouraged from all interested parties, early-career researchers and established scholars alike. Please feel free to share and distribute the ‘Call for Papers’ among colleagues, students and others who might be interested in contributing.  The deadline for submission of a short abstract of up to 200 words is 1 December 2022; completed papers should be received by 1 March 2023.

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